How can I see Medical Reports written about me?

You can see any medical report about you written for an insurance company or an employer, by your GP or any doctor who has treated you.

An insurance company or employer who wants a report about you must:

  • Get your permission and explain your rights
  • Ask you if you want to see the report

If you do want to see the report, you should contact the doctor within 21 days of the insurance company or employer asking the doctor for the report.  If you have not contacted the doctor by this time, they can send the report to the insurance company or employer.

If you see the report, the doctor needs your permission to send it to the insurance company or employer.

The doctor keeps a copy of the report for six months after it is sent to the insurance company or employer.  You can see it during this time.

There is no charge to look at the report, although you might have to pay for a copy of it.


What information can I not see?

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