Travel Advice

Our fully qualified and experienced travel health nurses and doctors offer a private consultation to provide advice and recommendations for your personal travel itinerary.

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When attending your appointment with us you must bring this form already fully completed.

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You can complete your travel form online via our online services.

Our "One Stop" Clinic

Our “one stop” clinic includes:

  • A full immunisation service
  • Registered Yellow Fever
  • Vaccination Centre
  • Comprehensive information
  • Sheets to take away
  • Up to the minute information on local disease hazards
  • Blood tests for antibody screening
  • Anti Malarial medication
  • A range of health related products

All at highly competitive rates in an easily accessible setting.

External Links

Did you know that only 5% of travel related illness is due to vaccination related illness.

This does NOT mean that you should forego ANY of the recommended vaccinations for travel.

However, the following links should give you the sort of reading material that will mean you are fully armed with good quality information.


How to Request Travel Vaccination Advice

Please call 01325 528 000 to arrange a consultation.

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