Patient Survey 2016

1How long have you been registered at Peaseway?
2Are you?
4Do you have a long standing illness such as cancer, diabetes, chronic heart or kidney disease, epilepsy or COPD?
5Do you have access to the Internet which you use regularly?
6How many times have you gone to (Or ordered Prescriptions online?)
7Have you registered for Peaseway Online Services?
8Have you seen a Doctor or a Nurse at the GP Surgery in the last 6 months?
9How satisfied were you with the Doctor or Nurse that you saw?
1 = Not at all satisfied to 10 = Very satisfied
10How did you book that Appointment?
11How do you rate the ease of booking an appointment?
1-10, where 10 is excellent
12Are there ways in which booking an appointment could be made easier for you or do you have any problems with our methods of communication?
13In the past 6 months how easy have you found the following?
1-10, where 10 is very easy.
13 a)Getting through on the telephone
13 b)Speaking to a GP on the telephone
13 c)Speaking to a Nurse on the telephone
13 d)Obtaining test results by telephone
13 e)Getting an appointment with a GP or Nurse Practitioner
13 f)Getting an appointment with a Nurse or Health Care Assistant
14How helpful do you find the Receptionists at the Surgery?
1-10, where 10 is very helpful.
15Do you feel that you have sufficient information regarding how the practice handles your confidential data?
16What further information would you like?
17Considering everything the surgery and its staff provide for you or could do for you - how do you rate our overall service?
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