Services offered to Young People

Smoking Cessation

We can provide you with help and advice on quitting smoking; this can be with information leaflets or products like nicotine patches or gum. If you are under 18 years of age we can refer you to one of our specialist smoking cessation advisors.

Spots and Acne

Most young people get spots, and they do always seem to break out when you really don't want them to. They're caused by your glands producing too much sebum - a substance that your body produces naturally to stop your hair drying out. Too much sebum makes your skin oily and causes spots. Antibacterial face washes and creams can help, and it’s important you try not to squeeze as this can make the spots worse.

Acne is different from getting a few spots. It can appear on your back, shoulders and chest as well as your face and can sometimes be painful and cause you to feel self conscious or embarrassed. Acne usually needs treatment with products only available on prescription, if you are finding your spots a problem come along to discuss with a G/P or nurse.

Bullying, Drugs & Alcohol, Self Harm, Eating Disorders or Family Worries

Please feel free to come to discuss any worries you have, whilst we may not be able to solve all your worries in one day we can provide information and advice or referral to other services such as counselling, drug and alcohol young peoples worker, also see our list of useful websites you may find helpful. Sometimes just talking through your concerns can help.

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