Text Messaging

Dated: 8-Sep-10

We are offering a free service based around sending a Text Message to your mobile phone.

The types of message we might send are:

  • a reminder of an appointment
  • to ask you to bring any documents or samples with you at your visit
  • information on new events or services e.g. availability of flu jabs
  • to ask you to contact us e.g. if there is a problem with your appointment
  • results from a blood test that you may be waiting for

Clearly we can only do this if we have your up-to-date mobile telephone number.

Alternatively, if you do not want us to send Text Messages to you, you must let us know.

It's important to say that your privacy will be protected. Text messages will not contain any information which refers to your health or any particular condition you may suffer from.

When we send Test Results the message will not give detailed information - it will give a simple message such as "Satisfactory" or "Please make an appointment to see your GP"  

We hope that by using this service we will make your contact with the surgery easier and it will allow us to move our resources to other areas of your care.

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