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Pease Way Staff

Helping to Build a Stronger Community
Our Doctors
  • Dr Geoff Walker (senior partner)
  • Dr Melanie Pritchard (senior partner)
  • Dr Ayesha Sattar 
  • Dr Ade Ogunleye
  • Dr Gomathy Umashankar
As we are a training practice we will also have occasional GP Registrars who have decided to specialise in general practice.
Our Pharmacists
  • Shelley Calkin
  • Shauna Ahmed
  • Chris Ruddick
Our Nurse Practitioners
  • Dawn Carruthers
  • Lesley Carr
  • Claire Scott
  • Eleanor Brown
  • Beth Bartels
Our Nursing Team
  • Shirley Andrews (P/N)
  • Sian Dryburgh (P/N)
  • Jade Anderson (P/N)
  • Alison Bruce (P/N)
  • Gemma Hall (P/N)
  • Lesley Maughan (P/N)
  • Emma Brown (P/N)
  • Naomi Corrigan (NA)
  • Claire Rielly (TNA)
  • Jean Briggs (HCA)
  • Linda Tomlinson (HCA)
  • Chris Hall (HCA)
Our Administration Team
  • Amanda Maitchell (I.T)

  • Loren 

  • Rachael

  • Lynn Ward  (Supervisor)

  • Paige 

  • Davina 

  • Keagan (Care coordinator)

  • Kim- (Care coordinator)

  • Maria  Burnside (Supervisor)

  • Farrah

  • Carriann 

  • Deborah 

  • Tracie

  • Lorna 

  • Ellie

  • Tracy

  • Abigail 

  • Mel 

  • Laura 

Practice Manager
  • Tracey Wilkinson
Assistant Practice Manager
  • Karen Stokoe
Medical Students

The practice has medical students from Newcastle University who are not yet qualified doctors but who are studying Medicine. You may find that a student is present during surgery or you may be asked to see them first. Whilst we would always encourage you to consult with them, if you would prefer to see the doctor without the student in attendance please let the receptionist or doctor know.
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